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.PROPERTIES is generic top-level domain for the real estate community, and is perfect for real estate agents, property management companies and commercial land sales. We can arrange your registration, transfer or change of your domain name .PROPERTIES quickly and efficiently. A .PROPERTIES domain name can also be effective for websites related to auctions, tax laws, personal possessions, leases, mortgages, and anything else that makes sense for the word “property.” The real estate sector is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the .PROPERTIES extension. With this domain, brokerages can show off their listings online to potential buyers.

It’s a perfect TLD for the real estate business, providing a unique marketable namespace for realtors, brokers, property management companies and sellers dealing with multiple pieces of property. .PROPERTIES could also be used in technology or science, as a place to learn about the attributes or components of a new technology being written in Java or distinguish between the different elements or materials used to make a new product. .PROPERTIES can be used by any individual, group or business for any purpose.

Who is entitled to register a domain within domain .PROPERTIES?

This domain extension can be registered worldwide without any restrictions. It may be registered by any individual, group, or business.

Are there any specifications?

There is a minimum number of 3 characters required. The maximum number of characters is 63. Purely numerical domains are allowed. Domain names cannot begin or end with a dash (“-”).

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