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Information of .LV domain registration

Înregistrează domeniu pe 1 an
94,90 RON
Prelungirea domeniului pe 1 an
117,90 RON
Prețul pentru schimbarea proprietarului


.LV is the Internet country code top-level domain for Latvia. It is very popular in Latvia. Registration is permitted at the second level, and this is the form of registration currently encouraged by the registry; however, registrations are also accepted at the third level beneath a number of subdomains. More information and the general rules for the domain names you can find at

By registering a .LV domain name, you accept the conditions of the extension:

Who can apply for the registration of .LV domain names?

Registration is open to foreigners, though the dispute policy says that precedence is generally given to domestic users.

Schimbarea registrator:
Аccording to the conditions for extension.
Expiry date activates the so-called period of protection (quarantine), at the time domain can be renewed only by the original owner. The removal of the quarantine is paid in accordance with the valid price list.
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